Everyone is welcome to join this ring.  However, I retain the right to deny any membership to this ring.  These exclusions will be based on things like pornography, racism, violence, copyright violations, ect.
        You should begin by filling out this
form.  You will then be taken up into the Queue of the ring.  Being in the Queue means that your site has been submitted for review, but you are not an actual member yet.  Please be sure that the url that you submit to the ring is the url where you have placed the YaHoo Navagation Bar.  Only rings that have the navagation bar on the url submitted will be approved for this ring.  Then email me shyfox@uswest.net and tell me you have the  bar on your page. I will then activate your ring.
       After submitting your site you will recieve an e-mail confirming that you have been taken up into the Queue.  This e-mail will contain important information to comply with.  You should save this e-mail for further reference.  You will need to get a YaHoo ID .  Then get your navagation bar code and copy and paste it into your page (the url you submitted to the ring when you applied to join).  You will only need to do this once and Yahoo handles the rest.  It is very easy.
To Artist Visual Network
Note to all members who were already in this ring and had a valid code on their page... Since Yahoo's take over all old ring html codes will be obsolete.  To retain integrity to this ring and to benefit us all I have choosen to delet or suspend all sites that were in the ring and queue that have not complied with the new system.  Should you wish to remain in this ring you will need to get a YaHoo ID and a new navagation bar code on your page that you submitted to the ring when re- joining. Then email me that you have complied and include your site name and I will reactivate your site to the ring.  I am sorry for your inconvience but this is the only way I can continue to manage this large of a ring.  I hope to see you all again in the ring should you choose to remain.
Diane -ringmistress

     Enter into the World of the Artist Visual Network. This site is made for artists to interact, enlighten and expose their
     work for all to see. Its about beauty and evoking pristine insights you'd forgotten you knew. Become part of this growing
     artists network and enjoy a stroll through the virtual studios. PEACE