Cheyenne Woman  # 9

Partially beaded dress, fully beaded moccasins and leggings, beaded hair ties, real human hair, bead and quill necklace, belt, beaded belt bag, wooden knife and beaded sheath on back - not shown.

Found a home
Cheyenne Woman with cradleboard

Brain tan deer stuffed with buffalo hair. Real human hair on head, shell disc hair ties, beaded and painted dress, beaded moccasins and leggings,  beaded turtle amulet and possibles bag on belt. Beaded sheath with wooden knife on back, bead and quill necklace..

Found a home
Lakota Woman    #12
Fully beaded deer skin dress, real human hair, beaded moccasins and leggings, beaded belt bag, wooden knife with beaded sheath, shell disc hair ties, beaded earrings and necklace.
12" H
Found a home

Fully beaded dress, real human hair, shell disc hair ties, bead & quill necklace,beaded moccasins, leggings,belt bag with quill fringe,beaded knife sheath with wooden knife, beaded awl case with awl, child in cradleboard.
"The Blackfeet, Artists of the Northern Plains" byBob Scriver.

Found a home
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