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Northern Plains Warrior

Painted and beaded war shirt, Moccasins and leggings.  Red trade wool loin cloth, leather tack belt, beaded rifle scabbard, knife sheath beaded and painted with wooden knife.  Beaded tobbacco pouch.  Real human hair with shell disc and fur wraps. Dog hair roach on head.      13" tall

Found a home

    Southern Plains Warrior

Beaded and painted war shirt with real hair drops on sleeves.  Beaded and painted moccasins, leggings, knife sheath, tobbacco bag, porcupine quills on chocker and breast plate.  Real human hair on head. 13" tall

Found a  home
    Red Warrior

His war shirt and leggings are beaded and painted.  I use natural earth paint. White horse hair dangles on the sleeves, real human hair with shell disc and leather hair ties. Leather tack belt.  Beaded necklace, bead and painted knife sheath with wooden knife.     12" tall
Found a  home


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