Welcome to my Trading Post.  Here is where I will be adding items that are available for sale.  Here are the lastest creations I have finished.  Enjoy!
Crow Design Strike-A-Lite Bag
  This is made with my native brain tan ceremonial white deer skin. Beaded with sixe 11 beads in the old time colors; cheyenne pink, periwinkle blue, souix green, cranberry red white hearts, pumpkin yellow and cobalt blue.  Antique shoe button, tin cones,french brass trade beads, colbalt blue, cranberry red and sioux green Crow trade beads on fringe and tie.            
4 1/2"w x 10 1/2"L

  Apache Peyote Bag
My native brain tan deer beaded with size 11 beads in old time colors; black, cranberry red white hearts, bodmer blue, white and pumpkin yellow.  Double row of  antiqued tin cones - 88 total. Cobalt blue, cranberry red white hearts and silver crow trade beads on tie. 6"w x 6 1/2" L, not including tie.

Kissing Ermine Pipe
        Catlinite pipe bowl
2 1/2" x 4 "

  Cedar pipe stem decorated with ermine skin, leather and old time bead colors; bodmer blue, cranbery white hearts, pumkin yellow and black.
Total length with bowl is 20 1/2 " long                          125.00
Click on either picture to see detail.
  Crow Style Paint Pouch

Different design on each side.
Old style bead colors, periwinkle blue, cranberry white hearts, cobalt blue, ,French white porcelain, cheyenne pink and mustard yellow. Made with my native brain tan deer skin painted with mustard yellow ochre earth paint.
2 3/4" wide x 11 1/2 " long
          Click on either picture for closer view
  Crow Style Paint Pouch

Different design on each side.
Old time colors, arapaho green, cranberry red white hearts, pumpkin yellow,cobalt blue and powder blue. My native brain tan deer painted with green ochre earth paints.
3" wide x 10" long


  Neck Bags 4"x6" - All slightly different. This one has abuffalo nickel closure and one antler tine and bead accent on flap.  Trade beads on fringe.  Commercial deer leather.
35.00 each
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  Backgrounds and bars by SheoWolf.  Please get her permission if you'd like to use her graphics and give her credit.  Thanks- Shy Fox