Moccasin Measurement Form
  Using tape measure, give measurements below and give outline of your foot by tracing it on other side of order sheet.  If there is a difference between feet provide measurements and outlines of both.
  Measure around calf at largest point
  Measure around ankle
  Measure from floor to floor over highest part of arch
  Measure from from point where arch and ankle measurements meet down top of foot to the end of foot.
  Boot or attached leggings - measure from floor up the outside of leg to where you want the top of legging to be.__________________
  To order: Print this page, fill out this form, trace your foot (feet) on back side of this paper or another paper and sent required deposit to:

Nizhoni Beads and Leather           phone#    623-465-5390
Diane Folk                                       ship address  40240 N.26th St.
P.O. Box 1542                                                         New River, Az.
Cave Creek, Arizona                                              85027
    Should you have any questions please contact Shy Fox

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