"Spirits in the Arts "by james A. Hanson
"Hau, Kola" by Barbara A. Hail
"Art of the American Indian Frontier" by David W. Penny
"Dancing Colors" compiled by C.J. Brafford and Laine Thom
"The Spirit of Native America Beauty and Mysticism in American Indian Art" by Anna Lee Walters
"Circles of the World" by Richard Conn - Denver Art Museum
"A Quillwork Companion" by Jean Heinbuch
"The Four Winds Guide to Indian Trade Goods and Replicas" by Preston E. Miller and Carolyn Cory
"The Four Winds Guide to Indian Artifacts" by Preston E. Miller and Carolyn Corey
The two two books above are remarkable for the color pictures and pricing of the items.  Estimated value and auction prices.  Wish I had found these sooner.
"Beads to Buckskins" by Peggy Sue Henry
All volumes
Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume by
Josephine Paterek
"The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork ", by Joel Monture

A difinitive study of authentic tolls, Materials, techniques, and styles.
The following is a list of books that have given me inspiration.  They are full of color photographs of beautiful beadwork and loads of information.
For rare, out of print or just those hard to find books rely on Boozhu Books

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